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Osor beyond the myth


The project combines studies of archaeological finds, archaeometallurgy and human remains, with a reconstruction of landscape changes (remote sensing, geophysical prospection and geology). At the same time, the methods are chosen in such a way that they allow seamless research above and below the modern sea level.

Airborne laser scanning plays a special role in the landscape-based approach, enabling a three-dimensional measurement of the relief below and above today’s sea level. This data is not only important for the reconstruction of the sea level in antiquity, but also for the evaluation of Osor as a former maritime trading centre. However, for a combined approach that takes cultural, natural and marine aspects into account, the landscape context must be combined with research into the material culture. While structures and anthropogenic / natural processes can be investigated at the macro level, humans are placed at the centre of research at the micro level. Material provenance research and the analysis of stable isotopes of human remains serve this purpose. The archaeological research concentrates therefore on five topics:  

  • History of contacts and trade
  • Spatial development of Osor
  • Peripheral land use
  • Landscape context: relative sea level and palaeo-coastline
  • Osor in the matrix of long-distance maritime routes

In recent years, several studies conducted by project partners have focussed on Osor and its surroundings. These studies provide the first insights for a historical reassessment of the town and form the foundation for current research.

Material culture in context

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Spatial development of Osor

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Peripheral land use

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Landscape context: relative sea level and palaeo-coastline

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