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Osor beyond the myth


Principal investigator: VIAS – Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science, University Vienna, Austria

Nives Doneus

Mag. Dr. Nives Doneus

Archaeologist with long lasting experience in archaeological prospection and interpretation of Roman rural and urban landscapes, specialized on integrative interpretation of prospection results on a landscape scale.

Project responsibilities: project coordination; acquisition and evaluation of prospection data and historic cartographic imagery; participation in GPR surveys; field check of the ALS/ALB and GPR data interpretation; organisation of workshops; dissemination strategy and implementation.

Martin Fera

Mag. Martin Fera

Archaeologist with focus on GIS and fieldwork in archaeological surveying, prospection and excavations.

Project responsibilities: GIS data management, analysis and interpretation of ALS data; participation in GPR surveys; field check of the ALS/ALB and GPR data interpretation.

Immo Trinks

Ass.-Prof. Dipl. geophys. Immo Trinks, PhD PD

Geophysicist with extensive experience in the development and implementation of terrestrial and underwater near-surface geophysical prospection.

Project responsibilities: participation in GPR surveys, processing and interpretation of GPR data; field check of the ALS/ALB and GPR data interpretation; data fusion ALB/sonar; GPR data analyses for geoarchaeological purposes.

Foto Mathias Mehofer

Dr. Ing. Mathias Mehofer

Archaeologist and specialist in the field of the archaeometallurgy of copper, bronze, precious metal and iron.

Project responsibilities: metal samples analyses for their production technology and chemical composition (mayor and minor elements); coordination, implementation and evaluation of analysis and results.

Principal investigator: University of Primorska, Faculty of Humanities, Institute of Archaeology and Heritage, Koper, Slovenia

Foto Martina Blečić Kavur

Assoc. prof. Martina Blečić Kavur, PhD

Specialist for the prehistory, especially for the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age, prehistoric art and artefacts, rituals in burials and hoards in the context of prehistory SE Europe. She brings to the project her expertise on the Iron Age Osor and hilltop settlements and cultural connections during prehistory.

Project responsibilities: Project coordination, evaluation of Bronze and Iron Age material culture, provenance studies, analysis of economic and cultural long-range trade networks, organization of workshops, dissemination strategy and implementation.

Boris Kavur

Assoc. prof. Boris Kavur, PhD

Specialist for prehistory of Central and Eastern Europe, particularly for the Bronze and Late Iron Age, prehistoric art and archaeological theory.

Project responsibilities: evaluation of Late Iron Age material culture, XRF analysis, 3D scanning, organisation of workshops, dissemination strategy and implementation.

Irena Lazar

Prof. Irena Lazar, PhD

Specialist in Roman archaeology, especially for Roman and Medieval glass.

Project responsibilities: Evaluation of Roman material culture, particularly Roman glass.

Katarina Smid

Assist. prof. Katarina Šmid, PhD

Specialist in Roman archaeology, particularly for Roman epigraphy and sculpture.

Project responsibilities: Evaluation of Roman material culture, particularly Roman epigraphy and sculpture.

Zrinka Mileusnic

Assist. prof. Zrinka Mileusnić, PhD

Specialist in Late Roman and Medieval archaeology, as well as urban archaeology.

Project responsibilities: Evaluation of Late Roman and Medieval material culture.

Project partner

Department of Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology at the University of Vienna, Austria

Michael Doneus

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Doneus

Archaeologist with focus on landscape archaeology, archaeological prospection (with a specialisation on all aspects of remote sensing), geodetic surveying, photogrammetry, GIS, excavation and documentation of cultural heritage.

Project responsibilities: processing and interpretation of ALS/ALB project data; creation of a high-resolution terrestrial and underwater terrain model of the project area; calculation of visualisations for subsequent interpretation; field check of the ALS/ALB and data interpretation; historic digital surface models; data fusion ALB/sonar.

Archeo Prospections®, GeoSphere Austria, Vienna, Austria

Logo GeoSphere Austria

Archeo Prospections® is responsible for conducting the geophysical survey. They are specialists in development of highly specialised measuring devices, optimised measuring logistics and data processing software for geophysical archaeological prospection.

Project responsibilities: large-scale geophysical data acquisition.

Croatian Geological Survey, Zagreb, Croatia

Slobodan Miko

Dr. Slobodan Miko

Senior advisor at the Croatian Geological Survey specialized on the study surface processes in karst related to the geochemistry and mineralogy of soils and marine and lake sediments. He leads the multidisciplinary Paleoenvironmental group, which deals with submerged environments and will participate the project with following staff: Dr. sc. Ozren Hasan, Dr. Dea Brunović, Dr. Koraljka Bakrač, Dr. Nikolina Ilijanić and Dr. Valentina Hajek Tadesse.

Project responsibilities: marine geophysical surveys, coring, laboratory analysis, and dating of extracted cores and paleoenvironemental reconstruction of the case study area.

City University of New York, Brooklyn College, New York, USA

Wayne Powell

Prof. Wayne G. Powell, PhD

Specialist in Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Project responsibilities: tin isotope analysis and interpretation.

Institute of Anthropological Research, Zagreb, Croatia


Assoc. prof. Mario Novak, PhD

Specialist in physical anthropology and bioarchaeology.

Project responsibilities: anthropological analysis of human skeletal remains, ancient DNA analysis, stable isotope analysis.

Museum Lošinj, Mali Lošinj, Croatia

Zrinka Ettinger Starcic

Zrinka Ettinger Starčić

Archaeologist and a director of the Lošinj Museum that bears responsibility for all legal matters relating to the Croatian archaeological heritage on the archipelago. Her focus includes numismatics and underwater archaeology (SSI Specialty Instructor).

Project responsibilities: organization and implementation of underwater surveys. The Museum oversees also cultural and environmental heritage matters and provides logistical support.